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started Chemo today no Mitomycen

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Finally started chemo :rad tomorrow problem is Dr said there is a shortage of mitomycen none avaliabe He said i was good since mine is early stage 1. He told me to call my congressman, the company is not making much money on mito so they are not making it..I asked if they want to kill us! I would like to know if there seems to be shortage in other parts of country maybe we should all call r reps ps I live in Ohio :) mimi

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I Googled mitomycin shortage. See link below. There seems to be a shortage but it looks like production will pick up in February.



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Thanks Mike I had looked this up too. I just wasn't told about this until today my first day of chemo. I just hope it works as well without it. Saw that a few others only had the FU.

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