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Scared About Lung Nodule

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I was informed 2 weeks ago after a routine X-ray/CT scan that I have a 7mm nodule on my left lung. What was more worrying was the fact that the CT report also indicated that I have about 3 mediastinal lymph nodes inflamed. I think they are 1.62 cm, 1.62 cm and 1.42 cm. I have not had a cough or any other infection for a long time except for the odd colds. I have been to a respiratory physician who wants me to get a biopsy done although he was quite sure that a 7mm nodule cannot cause this sort of lymph nodes inflammation. I am awaiting a call from him on what the next step to take.
I am scared to death that I have advanced lung cancer as I have a wife and a 2 year old. I don't have any other symptoms except a dull on/off right side back pain (which is the reason for abdominal ultrasound and x-ray initially) I have had for about 5 years now. Can anyone tell me whether they had a small sized cancer that caused enlarged lymph nodes which were visible on either CT or x-ray?

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Hello, Sorry you had to find us. I had a 7mm lung nodule that was then re-scanned 3 months later and grew to 11mm, at this time it had to come out.

I had a primary anal cancer and completed tx 6-30-09 and on 9-23-10 I had vats to remove the lower right lobe. I was a 35 year smoker and quit on 5-4-09. The lung nodule was squamous cell (smokers cancer). I just recently had a 3rd ct scan and I previously, since my 1st scans have shown subplueral nodules in my left lobe and now show a new 5mm lung nodule, which is smaller than the existing ones. I will be re-scanned in 3 months to see if its gone or has grown and proceed from there.

With all that said lung nodules could be inflammation, infection. The lymph nodes could be enlarged due to inflammation, infection. The good news is that 7 mm is very small and if it does turn out to be a cancer you will have found it very early and very treatable.

I wish you well, and please keep us posted.


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Thanks Lori.
I am sorry to hear that you still have some nodules. I hope they are nothing serious. As for my case, I just hope and pray the lymph nodes are not linked to the nodule as the outcome will be much serious if they are caused by the nodule. All what I have read indicates that the chances are low but has happened before.

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I had a mass measuring 7.3cm x 6cm and the ER doc told me with great certainty (based on a CT scan) that I had lung cancer. It took quite a while for them to figure out what was wrong but it turned out not to be cancer, instead it was a really bad infection. This infection made me very sick so they removed my upper right lobe but that was in 2009 and I am fine today.

Good luck and I will join you in the hope and prayer for your good results.

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