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Hi Everybody

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Hi Everybody,
I've been reading posts since I was diagnosed 10/18/2011 with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and even though this is my first post I've met a lot of you online reading your posts. I started with all the tests. CT scan, Pet scan, bone marrow biospy ( I never want one again ) and lymph node surgery. I don't have cancer in my bones or any organs - just in all over in my lymph nodes. Just finished R-Chop number 4 treatment today. Last week I had a CT scan and showed it is greatly improved. My doc also wants me to have a stem cell transplant next. After my first treatment I got a bad case of shingles on my butt and nearby areas and needed a catheter for one week - just terribly. But things have been better lately during treatment. Just wanted to say hi to everybody and I hope in the end this is all worth it.

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Hi Steve welcome, your half way there! It will be over before you know it.... I had three bone marrow biospy's, they are not fun to say the least! Just hang in there, it will be worth it.... Stay strong and positive.... Vinny

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Hi Steve, welcome to the group! I also hated the bone marrow not when the doc was doing it but the following days, weeks, months (lol) it still hurts from time to time. I think its all worth it in the end, I wish we never had to go through it in the first place but we can't control this types of things. Just make the best of them and try to be as strong as we can. Take care and hang in there!


miss maggie
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Hi Liz and Sue,

I agree. I was given so much sedative before, pills, and injection, nothing worked. The
pain was horrible. I later found out from this site, there is an option for the pain
associated with BMB. Versed. There is no excuse for any doctor
to refuse this sedative. There is no need for an anastesogist. Sorry for the spelling. Perhaps they could
give Versed and Fentenyl combined.

Also, my right hip has never been the same. I now suffer from hip problems and knee
problems. Problems of my right knee, not associated with the BMB>

Love Maggie

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I hear ya on not wanting to ever have a bone marrow biopsy again!!! Mine was awful and I'm still having hip problems where my doctor fumbled around trying to get a sample. She had to try 3 times in 3 different areas before she was able to get enough to send off to pathology. I thought I would pass out before she finished...anyways...glad that test is behind me, forsure! No bone involvement was found, so I guess the test was worth doing to hear that good news. I'm glad your responding well to your treatments and showing improvement. The treatments are definetely worth the end result of getting to remission. Hang in there and let us know how you continue to do. Best wishes...Sue
(Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA-diagnosed June 2010) age 61.

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I 'hope' that the message that you have received from visiting is that there is hope for each of us. Some of us are pre-treatment, in treatment, or post treatment, but all are here to offer support. I am praying that you can find a good donor, as that is often considered a cure. If you only had node involvement, that is a good sign. And, new drugs are appearing steadily. If not for the appearance of just such a drug, I would not be here - it is just that simple. So, keep your sense of humor, fight the good fight, and we will be talking to you for years to come.

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