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Update on my dad's nsclc stage III poss now stage 4

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Well, Ive been quiet the past few weeks. Although I have been so happy and proud to read that Dapsterd, Mamacita,Ex-Rock-N-Roller,Glenna are coming along, doing well,and praying every day that you all will continue to fight hard, and be strong..Well, my dad had a Pet/CT on 1/12,it showed a 8mm lytic lesion on the left sacral iliac S1 bone,it said,"a new focus of malignant intesity...highly suspicious of osseous metatasis.Well..I have been basically in shock,then in denial,angry,crying.

My dad then went for a bone scan...It did not show up........

Now he will go for a MRI tomorrow of the lumbar spine.On top of that...the right lower lobe shows some SUV activty of 4.0 and maybe another sm nodule of 6.1...although the oncologist it not even sure its new....could still be post radiation changes. His last rad treatment was 10/5/11.

My dad is so scared,angry,then quiet,what a terrible roller coaster.

So then my dad will have to decide about chemo and what else, I dont know...this is hell.
We are continuing to fight, as best as we can...

I'm praying for all of you for strengh and endurance.
Stay Strong, Kado (Cathy)

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Try not to panic Cathy. Wait for the results of the MRI and go from there. I will keep you and your daddy in my prayers for a favorable outcome on the MRI.

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Sorry to hear that your dad has been thrown another curve. That kind of uncertainty nobody needs. Don't get ahead of yourself (no finding on the bone scan has to be a good thing), hang tough, and all good wishes coming your way.


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Well, the MRI showed that the 8mm lesion that the pet/ct scan showed was there. I think the bone scan didn't show because it is too small.<1cm.

So now tomorrow we will meet with the oncologist about chemo and what else can be done to stop this in its tracks.

Trying to stay optimistic for my mom and dad.His labs are good thus far.Hopefully he can get through the chemo.Im so worried about how fast the lesions appear.Ill have to ask tomorrow.He doesn't have any pain yet...a good sign.Need to stop it now...

Thanks to all of your for your positive thoughts and energy....

Will keep in touch as we fight this beast!

Stay strong and healthy, Cathy.

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Glenna M
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So sorry Cathy but don't let this set back discourage you too much. Most of us have been through this "hell" of waiting and wondering. It definitely is not good for your nerves.

Even if it is stage 4 there are many good chemo drugs out there that work, I know, I've tried a few :) The chemo may be rough on him but with you by his side he will make it through all of this.

Have faith and patience and know that I will keep you all in my prayers. Will be praying for good news after the MRI.

Stay strong,

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Hi Anita,Steve,Glenna,

My dad started chemo today.He took it well.He gets a anti-nausea med iv, and his decadron 8 mg iv first, then Gemzar over 30-45min, then the Carbo over 1h.He still is not having any back pain,thank God,I hope he doesn't...this is supposed to be a cycle of 2 week on, and 1 week off for appx 4-6 months.I am worried that he'll get sick in this time frame.Hopefully not.He will have to have shots of Neupogen,to increase his white blood cell count, I think on the third week.

Anyway,thinking of you all.Keep up the fight...positive thoughts always..

Stay Strong,Cathy

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