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Appetite enhancers

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Popping in from the CRC board, figuring there is more focus on just plain eating over here.

I have been in the hospital for almost a month, unable to sit up, let alone walk. During this time my appetite has been ****, so I have been getting by on protein shakes. We tried marinol, which got me high but not hungry, and there is talk about an NG tube. Do any of you know of an effective appetite enhancer other than pot?

All help is appreciated!


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Can't help you on the appetitie issue, but sorry to hear you're going through another ordeal.

You're tough and I presume you can kick butt on whatever you're going through...

Thoughts & Prayers,

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Marinol is sometimes used for chronic wasting disease with HIV patients and I have seen it work for some. Pot has close to 500 different chemicals and perhaps the marinol is not quite synthesizing the necessary chemicals for you. It's worth a try before getting a peg. I don't know what state you are in????. I do not advocate smoking it but rather vaporizing it. Good luck.

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"... unable to sit up, let alone walk"

Why would your body need an appetite if you have zero activity? General rule of thumb is to take your (relatively) ideal body weight and times ten for your basic metabolic daily caloric needs. For ex: If your "ideal" weight is 170, then your body generally needs 1,700 calories without any extra due to exercise. How many calories are you taking in with those protein shakes?

Also, have you had your Thyroid levels (TSH) tested in a blood test? Could your treatments have affected your thyroid? Being hypothyroidic will make you tired and cruch your appetite. Your metabolism drops weigh down and you have little desire to eat. Might be worth looking into.

Good luck!

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I know some people here had luck with appetite and gaining weight with megace. I think it's a prescription.

I'm sure you know how to boost calories and protein on the shakes and smoothies, right? There are also things like benecal which can give you 300 calories extra to add in a shake, in just a tiny container. You might want to check that out. Also I found that eating 'real food' helped with stimulating my appetite. By real food, I mean in stead of just ensure or boost, using fresh fruits and vegetables blended in a high speed blender with protein powder, and milk or almond milk or whatever you like. When I had no appetite and was trying to gain weight, I made sure that everything I did manage to get down, had calories. I didn't even drink plain water, I was doing coconut water for hydration.

Also, under the products that help side effects section, I think there is a link to Nestle, they have a bunch of products that help with nutrition, including that benecalorie, and may have stuff to help with appetite. Wish I could give you some of my appetite right now. I am starving all the time.


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Dr. recommended I smoke pot for nausea which I did and it worked but I never got high nor did it ever help my appetite. I just survived because my logic told me to take in food or die so I did. Still lost way too much weight and wish the peg tube had been an option then. Marinol wasn't around in 1996 so I didn't have that option.

Wish I could help but guess my treatments are too ancient.

Hang in there.


Dave B
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I've been on Megestrol for a while now and for me it works too good. If I take the 20ml per day recommended I'm perpetually hungry and snacking all the time. That plays heck with my blood sugar, so I take it maybe every third day. Good luck. Dave

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Megacee worked wonders for me, and I am back on it again. I gained 10lbs in about 2 weeks! It also helps rebuild muscle tissue. I hope this helps! God bless you!

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