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Staples - after the surgery

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I about freaked after liver surgery that I have about 70 staples. The last time (when the pump was placed in the abdomen), they used steri-strips and that worked fine. That was a large incision, too, but not as large.
I asked the nurse about numbing cream, she said, "no". Gave no rationale. I had staples after colon resection, small incision, and it hurt like heck. I'll probably take percocet.
Any advice?
Also, has anyone had a large incision and doc only used dissolvable sutures and steri-strips? I inquired and sounded like it's to each their own. Wish I had had a say-so in the matter. :/

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I had staples in my abdominal incision, 35 of them. Believe it or not, they don't hurt when the doc snips them out. It was freaky, but not painful. I took an Ativan beforehand to quiet my nerves, but there was absolutely no pain.
Hope this helps~

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Sounds like you got the "Frankenstein" surgery, Joan:)

When I had my rectal resection, I was stapled and it was ugly looking, puffy and inflamed, that kind of thing...took me a minute to get my head wrapped around that one.

When I did liver surgery, they opened me for a "full procedure" - one of the surgeons told me that she had "quite a time" putting me back together....they "glued" me for that one.

When I did my lung surgeries, they told me, no glue, no staples - as they will tear and rip...so they 'stitched me for that one.

TC is right - when they pull the staples, it will pinch a little, but like a needle stick...the sound of it and what you are looking it is far worse than the removal.

I'm sure you will be in some pain and hoping for a healing recovery:)


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When I had my surgery, (April 2011) I came out with 45 staples, 3 crossbars to keep staples and belly together and a flush pump.
What hurt the most when taken out was the flush pump and hose. Staples and cross bars did not hurt at all, some of them pinched a little.
In my opinion the ripping of a bandaid was more painfull.
I wish you a speedy recovery

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Yup, I agree - taking off a bandaid is much more painful! I clutched my doctor's arm the entire time but it was OK. A couple were even well imbedded into the flesh but nope, didn't hurt.

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I feel better already. ( The bed sheet even causes irritation, but just one more more day of this stuff.)

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the joys of crc.
the disease that keeps on annoying us.
i pray you will have a fast recovery.

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Yep, I had the staples too, the first time I had staples was for the C-Sections of my pregnancies (3 in total)and yes, I freaked out over the taking of them out, but when I looked and saw how many staples for the liver/colon/ureter incision, now that was something else to behold, I even took a picture of it with my hubby's cell phone.
And yes, it isn't pleasant getting them out, feels like a nasty sharp pinch when they take them out, some not as bad as others. But nothing to make you scream, just "ouch! ouch! yikes! Jeez!, a few times. But compared to the surgery, not so bad, but do ask them to do it a little while after your pain med, that will make it seem painless.
Winter Marie

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could not agree more.....I have had a belly full of staples after both resections. I found it depends when you get the staples out.....if they are just a tad grown in it is yikes and wowww and then you go and have a cup of coffee.....nothing like post surgical pain....

I had a nurse do it.....and after every 10 or so I would say.....okay let's take a wee break...

I think anticipating that it is going to hurt prolly made it worse...

yes a little ativan would not be amiss


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