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Some help for those who are not religious believers

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I am a man of faith myself and cancer is very hard to bear even with religious consolation. I have thought how hard it must be for those who do not believe and if I may, I'd like to suggest a very ancient book, the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, to those who prefer purely rational, philosophical approaches to life. Aurelius was a brave and good man who met the vicissitudes of life with Stoic resolve. Some people have also found this lecture on the Meditations helpful:


I wish you well.


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Thanks for sharing. I am not so sure how it will help anyone nor how many would venture to listen to all five or even to the first in toto, but it is quite interesting.

Take care,


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I have not read nor watched the video on these mediations however I do know what Marcus Aurelius was an ancient Stoic Philosopher. Ancient Stoicism has many similarities to Buddist philosophy and a well rounded and sensible approach to living life; letting go of that which we do not have control over, being responsible for what one does have control of ( judgements and emotions), letting go of attachments (possessions, happiness etc) as it causes suffering, everything is right in the way it is and so on. For some people there are aspect of Ancient Stoicism that come naturaly to them and others who need to work at it.

There is a book by William Irvine called 'The Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy". I have not read it but it is on my list to read as I am curious about Ancient Stoicism or rather a modern interpretation of it. Some of the Ancient Stoic text, because of the way it is written and language that is used can be a little hard to stomach.

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