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Why, why, why!!!

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I continue to visit my husbands grave once/twice a week. Today there was a new grave. It was for a 10 yr. old little girl who died of brain cancer. The same monster that took my husband. Two headstones away is the grave of a 19 yr. young man who also died of GBM. I wanted to scream, WHY. This makes no sense to me that all the money that goes into cancer research and we are losing so many young people to this horrible disease. I don't expect any answers, I know there aren't any. Just venting my frustrations.

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You're right, there are no answers. I don't visit my husband's grave very often. To me, he's not there. One positive note. I actually have some friends who met each other at the cemetery after their spouses died from cancer. They are happily married now. Fay

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Tina Blondek
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Hey Beckymarie
You go right ahead and scream and yell. It is very hard to hear of so many young people dying from cancer. I agree...what does all the millions of dollars of cancer research go to? All we can do is pray. Pray for our lost loved ones, pray for the families of those who are battling cancer and have lost. Pray for the many survivors. My dad and your husband did not survive, but they did fight and now they are both in heaven with no pain, no suffering, and no darn cancer. Pray to God for your husband..God will give him the message. Keep in touch.
Tina in Va
Grandma Fay: great story..thanks for the smile!

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Thanks Tina and Grandma Fay,
I do get some comfort from the fact that all their suffering is over. Love to you both.

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