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Thank you LeeandShirley

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I found out my dad had been diagnosed with Stage 4 HCC with mets to the lungs shortly after Christmas. His doctor told us there was no cure, no clinical trials, only NEXAVAR... a drug to "prolong his time" My dad just beat Stage 4 Head and Neck Cancer and after two clear scans this news was devastating. I cried for days, couldn't sleep from the anxiety of feeling that my dad was going to die at any moment. Fate had me stumble onto this site and reading your posts have profoundly changed my outlook. It is easy to forget that life is a choice and that Doctors are not God. It is because of your contributions that we have actively been seeking second opinions, clinical trials and alternative therapies. Thank you for being such a positive voice, for giving others hope when you too could be feeling sorry for yourself. Your husband is lucky to have you, as are we. You both are in my prayers!

Wishing you all the best!


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A beautifully written tribute to a very worthy recipient. I must repeat Lizy's words "Your husband is lucky to have you, as are we. You both are in my prayers!"

Lizy, good for you for taking such a positive and proactive approach to your situation. If you haven't already come across it, there is much to be gained from reading an item by a great scientist, Stephen Jay Gould, entitled "The Median Isn't the message". This can be found at the site of another great man, the late Steve Dunn at:


Since then there have been great strides in medical science making prospects for your Dad even better. There will be many others praying for a brighter future for you both.

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Thank you both for your kind words. To know that something I have said has made a difference in just one other persons life is so rewarding. You have made my year.

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