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Chemo effects

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Hi I lost my testicle 10 weeks ago and had one shot off carob platinum chemo 2 weeks after its been 8weeks now last week I got a cough and a sore chest and throat plus a upset stomache the second night of catching this I was sick every 30 mins I feel bait better now but still poorly it's been like 6 days every1 keeps saying I look really pale is that the chemo what's taking me longer to fight it and is that what's making me look pale I've had the all clear and had a chest X-ray 2 weeks ago so I'm assuming I'm still clear but it's horrible it's always in my head that' it's gunna come back I've had a lot off stress too in home life so could it be the chemo thts making me depressed and is tht why I might get a bug for longer than most people thanks arron

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I had all the same effects you will feel sick almost 1 yr after chemo then long term side effects can happen i got joint issues and raynauds disease now

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