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Chromophobe RCC - pT1b

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Had right laparoscopic radical nephrectomy on Jan 24, and received pathology report yesterday. Chromophobe RCC, 4.5 cm, limited to kidney, pT1b. I haven't get chance to discuss the report with urology yet, but realized this is a very rare type of kidney cancer. I couldn't find a lot of information on this. Otherwise, the surgery went very well. I only take one pain med at night just helping me to sleep.

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Hi keephope!

There are a few of us on this board who had chromophobe, mine was 3.9 x 2.5 cm, and I am a little over 6 months post op with a NED 6 month scan.

From my research, the fuhrman grade is not linked to the agressiveness of the cell type as with other RCC subtypes. I asked about sarcamatod features which does have some indication of cell agresiveness, and I was told my RCC did not have that characteristic.

Get a list of questions, and ask for copies of you scans and records. My pathology report was not conclusive as to type, said most likely chromophobe, so I had the slides sent to another pathologist who confirmed chromophobe.

Rest when you need it, and let us know if you have specific questions we can help with.


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Necrosis in the tumor really worries me. Is this a prognostic factor for disease progression?

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That's really the sort of question that none of us here should seek to answer - definitely one for the experts whose care you are in.

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I posted the following last September when I was trying to figure out what tumor necrosis meant. I still don't understand it but my urologist told me not to concern myself about it (I had clear cell RCC). An article at the Mayo Clinic web site said there is no evidence that necrosis is useful in prognosis. But you should definitely bring this up to your urologist. And let me know what you find out, please.

From my September post:

The following was obtained from BreastCancer.org. It is specific to breast cancer but the info appears to be valid for kidney cancer as well. Tumor necrosis, as I read it below, can be good news or bad news -- indicating faster growing cancer but limited to a small area.

Patty: What is lymphovascular invasion and lymphatic invasion in the tumor? And what is necrosis? My pathology says areas of necrosis are present in the tumor centrally.

Answer —Ann Ainsworth, M.D.: Lymphatic or vascular invasion means that the tumor cells have gotten into the fluid-carrying channels within the breast. Tumors with this kind of invasion are at increased risk for spread beyond the main cancer within the breast, to the lymph nodes, and possibly to other areas of the body.

Necrosis in the tumor means that the cancer cells in that area are dead. The pathologic finding of necrosis suggests a fast-growing cancer. This often happens because the tumor runs out of blood supply in the central portion. Without a blood supply, the tumor cells cannot live. When a tumor is necrotic, it may be difficult or impossible to diagnose on a small biopsy, and an additional sample might need to be taken. Tumor necrosis is often focal (limited to a small area) in the region. There are usually living cancer cells nearby that can be diagnosed as cancer using a microscope.

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Mike, thanks for sharing information with me. My post-surgery followup appointment will be 4-5 weeks later. I sent the email to my urologist regarding my concern, but haven't get response back yet. I definitely will share information with everyone on this message board.

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My left kidney was removed in October and had the same results as yours. Three tumors the largest 7.2cm and had extended beyond wall of kidney.Had my 3 month CTs at the end of December and all were NED's. Next scans at the end of April. Hoping for many more NED's and that you will have the same.


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