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One more step done

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As many of you know I was identified as BRCA-2 positive. I chose to have prophylactic double mastectomies and had the surgery on Tuesday. Everyone with this gene has to make their own decision of the course they want to take. I am told that the majority chose to have more frequent monitoring. I just felt I needed to take the prospect of breast cancer off the table so I can concentrate on fighting the PPC (ovarian).
I really did struggle with the decision but now that it is done I am ok with it and ready to move on. The pain and immopbility has not been near as bad as I expected.
Dont tell anyone but I needed something from the yarn store so I was there on Friday! The rest of the time I am at home tryig to get a little sympathy. I think I have gotten about as much of that as I can squeeze out so I need to get back to a normal life.
I have had some bowel issues since before the surgery. I did not even want the surgery till they were resolved but the surgery is done and now they will have to address the abdomen. I had a CT scan and bloodwork 6 weeks before the surgery and all was fine. The doctor mentioned he may want to repeat the CT scan or some such thing this week. I see him on Tuesday. They did do an Obstructive Series while I was in the hospital but it was negative. Maybe it has all been nerves but I find that hard to believe. I just had the symptoms and pain of my original diagnosis and it has been scary. If the bowel issues are benign I will be one happy camper and excited to move on from all this.

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It must have been difficult, but I'm sure you are relieved now... I, too, am BRCA 2 positive. I chose the intensive screening option because of my age (68), but if I had been younger when I got tested, I definitely would have gone your route. Now I have to work really hard at not obsessing about the fact that if I had gotten the test earlier, I could have had my ovaries removed and AVOIDED the whole ovca experience.

Good luck with your scan results.


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Sending well wishes and prayers for your healing from surgery....You have a great spirit which makes all the difference...

Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us...


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Lulu, you are my inspiration. It is so hard to decide what to do when we have choices to make. I know that you made the right decision and I so admire you.


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You are so brave to do what you had to do,heal quickly so you can enjoy your life !

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I'm glad you are doing well. I know what you mean about the sympathy. I was treated like a piece of crystal while I was going through treatment. Oh well it is good to go back to normal...good old mom, etc.


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