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Anal vs. Colorectal

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Could someone explain the diffeence between Anal and Colorectal Cancers.


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I think the main difference is cell type, anal is normally squamous cell, but there r other rarer forms, colon has many cell types including andecarcinoma (sp?), rectal I am not sure of. You can search the different type, anal cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer. I refer to wiki mainly.

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No. 1--location, location, location!
No. 2--type of cancer cell (squamous for anal vs. adeno for colorectal, although very rarely anal cancer can be adenocarcinoma)

You can learn much more about each type of cancer on the internet. I highly recommend the website for the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation to learn more about anal cancer.

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This site shows a good picture of the location of the colon, rectum, and anus.


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