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Hospital Admittance for RAI

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When admitted to the hospital for RAI can anyone tell me what essentials I need to bring? I haven't recieved anything from the doctors office and would like to begin preparing. I should be admitted Mon or Tue next week. My emotions are so up and down at this point, excited to begin this phase of treatment, but scared of new tests finding more bad organs. I've also heard that when you go for your scan they take you back into hypo mode unless you can get the thyrogen shot, is that just a one time deal or something you have to take several days in a row? I am so thankful for this sight and all the information that it provides, you all are so full of real knowledge on thyroid cancer, I don't think a doctor could provide all the details. What a way to support eachother near and afar going through the same problems.

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I did my both of my treatments at home. I am guessing you can bring whatever you need to be comfortable during your stay. Magazines that can be thrown away after you finish would be a good idea. Everything else can be cleaned so that you can take it home afterward. RAI has a half life so everything should be Radiation free after seven days. If you have a laptop computer see if the hospital has WiFi so you can keep in touch with loved ones and post on the boards, facebook etc. Just use disinfectant wipes to clean it before you take it home. Maybe sign up for Netflix if you haven't already so you can watch movies.

Thyrogen is two shots for two days prior to your treatment. They have to be repeated every time you take RAI. There is a shortage currently so you might have to go the hypo route.

RAI isn't bad, just boring for some. I really enjoyed the time alone but I live such a busy life that it was a nice change of pace for me. Wishing you best of health with your treatment.


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