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Cirrhosis with multi focal Hepatocellular carcinoma

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My Dad's age is 62. His CT scan abdomen reveal -

1 . livers showing multiple modular , lesions and volume redistribution suggestive of cirrhosis regenerating modules

2. two large rounded lesions 10.1 X 7.5 cm and 3.4 X 3.8 cm in the right lob of liver with mosaic pattern of enhancement. multiple enhancing arterial branches seen within the large lesion.

3. many of the modular lesions in the liver show arterial phase enhancement/dysplastic modules small foci of hepto cellular carcinoma

4. Moderate ascites - the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity.

5. collateral seen at the splenic hilum and lesser curvature of stomach.

Conclusion imagine feature are suggestive cirrhosis with multi focal (Hepatocellular carcinoma (Hepatoma).

I am not sure if you have any suggestions on his case and can he be successfully treated. Please advise.

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While CT scans can uncover lesions, a MRI is a more definitive process that helps your doctor to confirm (in many cases) the diagnosis without the need for a biopsy. I would suspect that your father's doctor will order that next, or refer him to a liver specialist/oncologist for further evaluation and possible treatment. You don't mention the facility that is treating him (i.e. hospital, etc.) but if it is a large hospital or comprehensive cancer treatment center then they most likely have a "tumor review board" that meets weekly to review and evaluate each case and recommend the next course of action. ASK your doctor what is going to happen next and if you are not satisfied with the answer or lack of answers find another center.

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