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just some help please

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Hi everyone I am new I just signed up. In august of 2011 my mom was diagnosed on accident with stage 2 with non small cell. She started rad and chemo in October and was doing great. The drs were all so surprised about how well she was doing. She did 2 rounds of chemo and around 30 rads. The only tumor she had shrunk really well and the next step was surgery. She finished her second round of chemo few days before Xmas 2011. Surgery was scheduled for Jan 25. They let her have a well earned month off. She started having really bad headaches and would be confused. She went in and did a pet and now the cancer is in her brain. The biggest tumor in the brain is 1.5 inches. I think there are 3 all together. All of the drs and all of our family and friends were shocked. My mom was doing so well and responding better to treatment then majority of people do. Her surgery was canceled and now just started rad to brain the next day after we found out,on Jan 23. Does anyone reccomend gamma knife or anything else they know of. All repsonses are Soo appreciated.

The saddest part is she is only 46 years old and the drs were truly stunned and told us this was definetly not supposed to happen. Or was anyone else in a similar situation ?? Anything would help.

We are getting treatment at Dana Farber in Boston.

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Hello DJW, try this post. I have just been through this.


I had basically 3 mets. One surgically removed due to immediate pressure, naseau and vomitting (also, it was not deep and in the lower cerebrum- a "good" place to be). The other two have been gamma knifed and are well. GF has great success 90% +/- , no side effects.
Docs said they dont worry too much about the brain, they can handle that, more the cancer that could be elsewhere if it is, like bones, liver (but scan shows it is not anywhere now!)
They chose the radiation because chemo(chemo pill might) does not work and surgery sound out, GF should do very well on these. It will not prevent future mets though if that is the direction. WBR they say will protect the brain for future mets for "some" time, but read many issues immediate and down the line.

Best Wishes
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