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Does anybody know anything about MAGLETS?

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Miss her.

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I was wondering the same thing this afternoon. Not like her to be away for more than a few days. Hope all is well.


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I can't find anything here later than when her friend was in the hospital about to be realeased to go home for the end. This was about a month ago.

I know she said that she was going to try to be care giver to her friend since she lived in the country and didn't have access to hospice or the like.

Sure am hoping that all is well with our Maglets.


Marie who loves kitties

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Maglets responded to Lisa's post on 1/29. Maybe she hasn't seen this thread.

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thank you my dear friends.....yes my friend lasted a very long time....she came home a week before Christmas and just passed on Friday.....she had ovarian cancer that grew around the bowel and choked it off.....she gave up intravenous feeding 23 days ago and then she gave up on fluids......

there was so much support....friends, and food and nurses and laughter and tears.....

I don't know if I would like to do this however.....how I wish we had some hospice.

I have been so freaked I decided to skip my own CEA's .....My daughter is taking me to a place called Naples Florida for a week in Feb////so I may just cruise till then

all well here.....tired out ....will play catch up soon

love to all


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You'll love Naples, Old Naples (section of the city) is beautiful. The beaches are fantastic. What a treat, one of my favorite places in Florida. Just relax and forget for a week.

So sorry about your friend, you went through a lot...

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Yes the weather is beautiful and the beaches are all white sand. Bring a sun hat and shorts. I collected sea shells for a necklace. Soak up that Vit. D and renew your spirit.

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