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Hemangioma or Liver Tumour

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HI all: I am actually from the gallbladder cancer and peritoneum cancer discussion boards. But am here now because of an inconsistency in my scans, both CTs and MRIs. Background: my gallbladder and its tumour plus a part of the liver were removed in April 2010. Peritoneum nodules were identified that had spread from the gallbladder tumour. I've had chemo ever since Sept 2010 (until Nov 4/2011) for the nodules. They are stabilized. However, on one of the early scans, a mass (2 cm) was identified on the surface of the liver that was later identified through MRIs as an hemangioma. Subsequent MRIs supported this identification. Until two weeks ago when a CT scan identified the mass as possibly a tumour rather than an hemagioma. According to what I know, hemangiomas light up in MRIs (don't know about CTs) and this one lit up early on. My oncologist is worried, understandably, as I am eligible for surgery to strip the peritoneum. This would kill that surgery.

Question: Has anyone out there had this mis-identification problem?

I am getting a different test next week that takes my blood sample, separates out the red blood cells, and reinjects them into the liver with a small amount of nuclear material. An hemangioma will light up.

Question: Has anyone had this test? Does it hurt?

My oncologist told me that here in Ontario, Canada, I would not be eligible for more treatment if the mass is in fact a tumour because of the peritoneum nodules!!!!! In other words, they are writing you off before you've had a go at other/more treatments.

Question: Has anyone experienced this?



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