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Update on my wife

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The irinotecan regime, Xeliri, failed, CEA started going up on treatment 6 and by treatment 8 had doubled. Scan shows more liver involvement. Onc is going to try Xelox, as the oxy worked the first time. She knows what NED is, just never heard it. Her onc said from the beginning this was palliative, not curative, so we've known since day one it was chemo for life.

She is not eligible for Erbitux/Vectibix, KRAS mutant.

Good luck on the irinotecan Buzz. Ride it as long as it works.


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Thank you for the update. Sorry to hear that the one treatment plan didn't help, but glad to hear the docs are trying something else.

Praying that this one does the trick.

Best to both you and the wife.

Marie who loves kitties

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sending a big hug from Barcelona .

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Praying that this new regiem will work. Hope is one of the biggest attitude we posess.
Hugs from Canada

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I'm praying the new treatment will be a good one.

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Nana b
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Hang in there....find a good ONC and liver Surgeon!!


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I don't have experience with xelox.
Praying it will do well for her.
Wishing you both the best.

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Praying for y'all!


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New plan. No chemo. Going to do an embolization on the liver.

Brenda Bricco
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My husband had embolization on Dec 28th... we are waiting for liver resection. It really went well though, he was tired for a couple of days but is spry as a spring chicken these days. :)

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Praying that this new plan had great results.

Sending light.

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