Stag IV Lunch Cancer with Brain Mets

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I am new here, just joined actually.

My dad, who is 65 years old, was diagnosed last Aug with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer stage IV which metastasized to lymph nodes and brain unfortunately. He started his treatment with a 10 sessions of radiation for his brain mets, followed by chemotherapy. He started chemo with 2 cycles (2 months) of Genzar+Carboplatin, then another 2 cycles (2 months) of Docetaxel. He just finished his chemotherapy last week, and as per the recent scan, there does not seem any positive response so far for the chemo unfortunately.

We will meet the dr in 3 weeks time, and I am so scared of what he is going to say. So my question are:

* if 2 chemos were tried already and proved to be not working, what else could be done? My understanding from the dr that if these won't work then nothing else could work

* anyone I can contact to get some guidance or second opinion?

* any cancer treatment centers you would recommend in Europe? We live in Saudi Arabia which is very far from US, so Europe might be easier trip.

I appreciate any help.


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    Has your father been tested
    Has your father been tested for any type of mutation in his cancer cells? There are some excellent targeted therapies available if one should happen to test positive for a mutation. I have the EGFR mutation and I am taking a daily pill called Tarceva. It is proving to be successful for me right now, although over time one becomes resistant to it. Some people have been on it for 6 years+ Good luck to you.
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    Tough One
    Hello....this is a tough one.."Liquid" Chemo only works on 40% of the people I understand -and not on the brain itself, Apparantly your dad fits in this 60% range. With adrenal involvement and brain, I will leave it to your experts for any advice.

    There was talk of a "clinical trail" that involved a chemo pill that would work on my brain but they opted out. Maybe this can be asked, along with the Gamma Knife, but I suspect this is a respectable option due to Adrenal Gland involvement and Lymphs (depends on how many and where the lymphs are) I had about five lymphs in chest involved, and all have been good for a year plus now.

    On me, Gamma Knife on brain and chemo on lung and lymphs worked well for now.

    Drill them hard with questions and make sure they have a "tumor Board" with many experts to review the case.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

    Stage IV adenocarcinoma LC