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Speaking at a Relay for Life kickoff - would love your input

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Minnesota Girl
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OK, my fellow warriors - tomorrow night I will speak at the kick-off event for our 2012 Relay for Life. In my mind, this is a chance to share OUR story and educate a few folks about kidney cancer. Anything you want me to share?

I'm definitely going to encourage people to push for an ultrasound or CT if they have ongoing, unexplained back or flank pain or blood in their urine.

What else??

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I have been at about 8 relays rather than the pre events. Usually the speaker has a sad story and went thru 10 surgeries. With due respect I think we have to get it out there that all cancer stories are not life consuming and many of us lead normal lives afterwords, but with a greater appreciation for life having had Cancer. The one positive thing I did at the relays was with respect to the goodie packets they hand out. Mine contained giveaways from cematarys and funeral homes among others. I called someone up the food chain at the American Cancer Society and told them those giveaways do not belong at a Relay for Life event. They agreed and stopped it.

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That was well done iceman!

I imagine that, in the context of saying it's a sneaky cancer so get checked, you'll want to mention the main risk factors - high blood pressure, which is often due to the other two villains of obesity and smoking.

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Putting a positive spin on it sounds great to me...and emphasizing the self awareness of your body's signals...

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Keeping a positive attitude is of high importance to me in this fight.

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People on this board have attitude?

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