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Stem Cell Transplant Jewish Hopsital in Cincinnati?

Rhondas daughter
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Just out of curiosity has anyone had a stem cell transplant at the Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, OH? My mother has just gone through her first of two rounds of ICE chemo there and will be having a transplant done there as well. So far they have a good track record and the staff has been great.
Just interested to hear others experiences, thanks!

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I don't know anything about their transplant record (sorry), but I myself woulld be very interested in hearing how your mom's works out. I have to find a hospital to have one myself eventually, and Cinci would afford me the opportunity to stay with family close by (must be within a 1 hr drive) during the pre-op and post-op periods.

Thanks and good luck to you and your mom!

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Jewish hospital will also give you a book to read about the procedure and all related events,, take from me,, READ IT FROM FRONT TO BACK even if it scares you, it REAL GOOD INFORMATION which will help you prepare, and will cover things im sure i missed..
GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU!! caregiver..

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Hi , My name is Hilde and am also in Cincinnati, I had my Pre Zevalin done there.
It really seems to be a good Hospital, have you asked around about they're record.
I would love to know too.
Good luck with all that. Sending you good wishes. Hilde

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hi rhondas;
My wife had an auto sct at Jewish in Dec 2010.. I dont think you could find a better place to have this done. not only is it Jewish thats is envolved, you have hoxworth blood people envolved too. YOU WILL LEARN TO WASH YOUR HANDS A LOT!!
Its not a easy procedure to go thru.. the staff makes it as easy as possible, and they are TOP KNOTCHED STAFFF but its still tough.. I as the caregiver only bumped heads with them once.. they will watch her stoll like a hauk cause thats one of the first hints of infection and you dont want any of that while your wbc is next to nothing,, if her stoll goes to waterly stage they will put in isolation. YOu need to make sure its water not what they call puddin FOR puddin is not to the credical point but definately something to keep your eye on..
but you cant beat the facility and staff,, they have a rec room, computer & food rooms full of supplies that you may feel more like eating while you re under going your treatments..
they ll start you out on the outpatient bassis givin you chemo, then they ll watch your blood count everyday waiting for the baby stem cells count to come up, then you spend one or two days drawing the babies, then they let us have the turkey day week off and then we came back and she was hospitlized for 6 days of heavy duty chemo and then on the 7th day they gave her babies back to her ( they call that her RE-BIRTH DAY) AND then the next 4 days your white blood count will be pretty much 0 but will show .1 on the reports. This is the time your really have watch the germs and control who comes in with any Illness.. My wife was released from the hospital in 11 days after she received her blood cells back,, then we did 4 days of outpatient blood counts, platletts and blood infusions as needed at the doctors office there in jewish, then i think we got down to once a week for about a month then she was released back to her onc.. Dr Essell was her doctor, but while you re in the hospital you will see them all by the time your time is done there.. every morning its a full staff of docs, nurses and clintisions visiting your mom in the room,, the only thing she will have to leave the floor is there is one test they will take her down stairs for,, ct scan I think.??.
My wife had an out of body experience one night when her blood count was at its lowest point..she said that scared the b geebees out of her.. BUT REMEMBER FAITH IN GOD AND THE DOCTORS ARE THE MOST INPORTANT THING IN THIS PROCESS!!
But our remission was short lived, we re now going to have biopsy mar 1 to see what and how bad is back.. they re recommending Treanda/benamsumine w/ rituxin chemo on the outpatient basis..
I hope this gives you a little light, but not to scare you either.. It works just a matter of how long i guess..
If u have any more questions feel free to contact me,, GOOD LUCK,, caregiver..

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I just wanted to say hi, I've been reading your post about everything that your wife and you have been through and just have to say (wow)! She is very lucky to have somebody like you to take care of her. I will be sending positive thoughts your way and hopefully on March 1st the news won't be to bad and wharever comes your way will be taken care with not too much difficulty. Will be keeping your wife and you in my prayers! Take care and keep strong!


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