Astrocytoma inoperable

mermaid678 Member Posts: 10
Hello my boyfriend is 23 years old and just got diagnosed with a brain tumor astrocytoma. It is to big to operate on and also on top of his thalamus so its basically impossible to take out. We are waiting on his pathology results to see what grade it is. He was having mild seizures and is now taking 500 mg of keppra to prevent seizures. The doctors say they just want to monitor it for now and he does not have to have chemo and radiation yet but he will some day. The thing that scares me the most is i have not read many survival stories from people with this tumor that cant be removed. The doctor told us 37% of people with his type of tumor live for 5 years. If anyone has any info on tumors that cant be removed and survival rates please let me know.