My mom just found out she has a gastric caner

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My mom just found out yesterday and she has a cancer. She got blood test this morning and will get CT scan this week to find out how bad it is. She's only 57 and have 2 year old granddaughter. She had stomach pain (more like heartburn or stomach upset) and it's been a while. She got her upper endoscopy done last week, and they didn't find anything. They ran biopsy, and it turned out to be a cancer. We all are hoping that it's something small so that surgery will do everything. I'm scared... very scared... but I'm trying to be strong for her. I keep thinking that life is not fair because she worked so hard for her life for her work and her family... She doesn't deserve this at all....


  • Sorry to hear about your
    Sorry to hear about your mom's news....I know it must be a shock to you at this time; I know the feeling. It's good you are resourceful and have already joined this group. Things will all work out, just have to take each day with a positive outlook. The best you can do now is to help get the correct diagnosis and work with the oncologist about a plan. We had CT scan done but really the PET scan is the one for cancer patients. My Dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer/stage 4 back in Sept. He has started chemo as surgery was not an option for him. He lost weight so he has a j-tube now but is able to eat some orally. Anything to help you and your family through this, just post....take care and god bless you and your family!
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    hi just read ur post. so
    hi just read ur post. so sory to hear about ur mum. my mum has stage 4 and is very ill so i hope the docs have some good news for u and your mum. good luck and stay positive even when it seems too hard
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    Thanks for your reply.
    My mom got CT scan done and it turned out to be a very early stage with no spread at all. She will go under surgery next Tuesday to remove 2/3 of her stomach. She's been trying to gain as much weights as possible and will try until the day before her surgery. She's very petite. 5 feet tall and 106 lbs. I hope her surgery will fix everything.
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    My mom just found out she has gastric cancer too
    My mom is 82 yrs old & found out this past week she has adenocarcinoma stomach cancer, the scan showed that it has not spread to any major organs, her heart is good & her levels are all good; she is not in any pain & she has not lost her appetitite; but I am trying to keep her on a more alkaline diet, not acidic; she does not want the surgery as they want to remove 3/4 of her stomach; she feels that that would be too much for her to go through, we have an appt. this Wednesday with the oncologist discussing chemo alternatives; so I'm thinking that this may be an early stage & hoping that chemo will prolong; I am so upset about this; but I have to be strong for her;
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    sorry to hear about that
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