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As I sit on my bed reading all the new post, I am sadden, my heart cries out to them all. I think to my self that I should be very happy even though this my second journey with cancer. First breast and now lung. You see my lung cancer was found early enough that it should be treated by removing the left upper lobe of the lung. My onc has decided to do this instead of chemo. So in a few weeks I will be going back for yet another surgery and even getting my port removed. No chemo and no rads would make anyone happy….right? Then why am I so sad, why am I so bitter? This sadness and bitterness is not about me, it is about all the others out there being diagnosed with this horrible stuff. Cancer has no age limits, it does not care the color of your skin or what religion you are either. I lost a cousin a few years back to lung cancer stage 3, 2 rounds of chemo and rads and she lost her battle. I have an Uncle with stage 4 lung cancer and has almost completed his chemo and the tumors in his lung and on his liver have already shrunk 50%. Lost my brother in law to lung cancer. I have seen people lose their battle when they should have recovered or at least lived longer than they did, and I have seen those survive when the doctors put a limit on their life. To beat this cancer, we all need to keep our stress level down as much as possible, think positive as much as possible, keep our friends close and our family closer, get down on our knees and get to know our heavenly father better, but most important we need to laugh as much as possible. Laughter is the most wonderful medicine in the world and it’s free! None of us go through this journey alone. We have our doctors, nurses, friends, chat rooms, family and God! Every night I pray and ask for guidance for me, but I ask for him to carry each one of you when you get too tired, to sit next to you and help ease your pain, to lend an ear when you need to just vent, to hold you in his arms when you cry. I also ask that he holds his arms out to those who have lost the battle. I pray more for all of you than I do for myself.
I just want each and everyone of you to know, that you are not alone, that you are loved and thought of each and everyday! This is a great site and it is a great site because of people like you. You all have a kind soul, loving and giving your advice and experiences to each other. I just want to say you all should stretch up your arm, bend it at the elbow and place your hand behind your head and start patting yourself on the back……JOB WELL DONE!!! Never give up hope, never lose faith and never stop dancing!
Your light will always burn bright.


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    Very well said.
    Your post was right on..... Wishing you a speedy recovery on your surgery..... Best wishes .... Dan