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Port troubles

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Shell bug
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Well, I am currently on my seventh day in the hospital. My port became infected and caused a blood clot in my neck. The infection also went to my blood.

I am hoping to go home today after heparin and antibiotics. I also had the port removed. Now I will be on fragmin shots, which I give myself. I also have to get a pick line and administer myself antibiotics at home. All of this doesn't even include the chemo.

I am trying so hard to stay positive, but nothing has worked out for me. I also had a reaction to taxol and I am just hoping this all works out. Right now I am feeling sorry for myself, but I look at my boys and know I have to keep going.

Keep a close eye on those ports, mine was a disaster from go!

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Oh, I'm so sorry!!! What a horrible experience.

I think you are right to keep staying motivated for your children and you will get through all this eventually - somehow.

I worry sometimes when getting my port accessed or flushed if it is disinfected enough. One nurse told me that there is a specific protocol about how long to swab and how to do it. This scenario is worse case!!

I hope that the antibiotics are effective quickly and you get back to health again soon.

Keeping you in prayers, Mary Ann

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I'm so sorry to hear this but thankfully you are home now.

Do they know why you got an infection?

I've found that depending on what nurse I have, she may or may not use the protocol for accessing my port which includes masks and gloves. This really annoys me.

I too had port issues which I have since gotten resolved but nothing like what you experienced.

I also had a reaction to taxol (many of us do), but now I can handle it as long as they give me benedryl right before they start the infusion.

I pray you are on the road to recovery and that going forward your treatments are incident free.

Take care,

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I too hope the antibiotics are working for you. Glad your have the motivation of your children to keep you going.

I too had a reaction to Taxol with my first infusion, but when they slowed the rate, I never had another reaction. Makes for a long day, but better than having a reaction.

Hope things go more smoothly for you from now on. In peace and caring

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All the nurses who have ever accessed my port first create a sterile area and then lay out all the pieces of the "kit" which comes in a sealed package, including the latex gloves. I have always been very impressed.


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Shell bug, Sorry to hear of your troubles and hope you get well enough to leave the hospital. I will keep you in my prayers. trish

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