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Lung Cancer has spread - my hope is fading :(

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It's been a while since I've posted about Mom.

In November of 2010 my mom was diagnosed Lung Cancer Stage Three Non Small Cell Adenocarcinoma in right upper lobe.

She had months of chemo and radiation (Alimta, Avastin and Carboplatin) which shrunk the cancer in lung but had also gone into lymph nodes.

She's currently doing infusion every three weeks (Avastin only) and seems to tolerate it well with the exception of being very tired a few days after.

The latest doctor appointment was scary. She has been having pains in her chest area. Doctor said it was likely Costochondritis: pulled muscles / inflamed cartilage within the ribs from coughing.

Doctor told mom to do the following:
Take 400-600mg of Advil or Motrin 2-3 times a day for 4 full days.

This should help reduce the inflammation and pain should lessen. If the pain does not lessen he would like to do a bone scan.

What is the liklihood this could have gone into her bone?

Mom is 72.

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Hard to say if cancer has went to the bones, I see it going to brain on these sites a bit more often, but anything is possible here.

Doc is correct, see if the pain lessens, if not then get a bone scan. 72 years old is starting to climb as far as the reboud effect goes, but my dad was dx in 2005 and just dies a few months back at 79, and had a "pretty" good time during those years to the last few months.

Best wishes for you and Ma

Stage IV Adenocarcinom LC (was stage IIIB but wnet to brain after one year), 48 tears old

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