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inoperable lung cancer

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hi my boyfriends father is 84 has COPD and has 30% kidney function. he was rushed to the hospital a few nights ago; apparently he had pneumonia but with the testing he was just diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes in his neck. A biopsy was done from a tumor there. we dont know yet more specific details. The dr said he has 6 weeks to live without chemo and 6 months with it but said he wouldnt do it if it was his dad because of the quality of life. Surgery isnt an option because of his general health and theyre setting him up with hospice. My question is isnt there ANYTHING at all to do?? were looking at trials, alternative medicine, natural things, but were at a loss. dont know what to look at or try. we cant just give up. anyone have any related experience? thank you god bless

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Glenna M
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Sorry to hear about your boyfriends' father. Have they considered getting a second opinion? It may come back the same as the first one but it's worth finding out if another doctor thinks he is that bad or whether there are other treatments he could have.

The one thing that caught my eye was the 30% kidney function. A friend of mine has only one kidney and couldn't receive chemo because of that so I am surprised that they are recommending chemo.

Did they mention radiation at all? It's hard to recommend anything as there are so many questions about his condition that would effect different treatments.

Hopefully someone will come on soon who can give you better advice and answer your questions.

Stay strong and may God bless you all.

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thank you i am also thinking we should get a second opinion. I know the odds are against him because it has spread and his age but he is very strong seemingly healthy aside from his COPD. h\His kidney issues stem from prostate issues hes had before; no other treatment was brought up just the chemo and that surgery was out of the question. The staff at the hospital hasnt exactly been the greatest so im trying to find out what I can for him. Today theyre supposed to start arranging hospice care but i dont want to give up. Its like to them its just an open an shut case and its not He looks better than he ever has which is ironic I guess.

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Hello there, fortunately the boyfriend's dad lived a long life and has done most every thing he wished to do (going of what others and what my dad had to day before he died of cancer).
His age is the big issue here, the Doc's timing sounds about correct.
Treatment sounds like it will be more work than just living his life out, eventualy with pain management and hospice. Unfortunately, you must start preparing for his passing, again, 84 years old with cancer is not something that can be turned around. Everyone must go, I hope I can make it to 54 in all reality.
I have had first hand experience with this and my dad was a young 79.

Truly, Best wishes

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A second opinion can't be a bad idea, but I suspect it will look a lot like the first opinion. I'm no expert in anything other than what I withstood, but in his compromised state (especially kidneys), it seems hard to conceive that he could hold up under any treatment that would have a chance of working. Alternative and natural therapies have not been proven to do anything, and might actually cut into his quality of life.

There is no shame in going to comfort care if that's where the most likely outcome points. If I were him, at that age and with that profile, that's what I would want, along with whatever quantities I could stand of my favorite foods and anything else that would make me happy.

I wish you and the family all the best in providing him with whatever support he needs.

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I knew from the very beginning this wasnt good. we are trying to look at natural therapies but with his age I think if anything maybe itll at at least help him feel better when it starts spreading more. I know lung cancer is hard to detect, in his case he was going to the dr every 3 months due to his COPD, just recently the dr had told him since everything looked good hed be cutting back the visits to every 3 months. It was in that time frame that this suddenly developed. Part of me is so angry at that; but then I think about it and I dont even know if it wouldve made a difference..he still wouldnt have been able to get the chemo or anything.
Thank you all, your comments all make me feel better. prayers for all of you and your families

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