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Question = Proton radiation vs other forms of radiation for a Gleason 9

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My husbands doctor said he is not a candidate for proton radiation due to the high gleason score (5+4). Has anyone with a gleason score of 9 had proton radiation and can you share your outcome. (I will be contacting the facility in Jacksonville in the morning to get their advice also)
Any other comments are welcome also, thank you.
Wishing everyone good health and recovery.

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The doctors in charge of the proton therapy have a good idea what they are doing.
I had a 5+4 gleason and Loma Linda Proton department told me to go ahead with surgery after loooking at my med info. Then followed up with 15 proton and 24 photon treatments.

I wish you and your husband the best. that pre-treatment part of PC is just outright unnerving at times.

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You are on the right truck. I like to see you doing researches. Proton therapy is very accurate but may have limitations in certain diagnosis (patients). You could get advice directly at the proton centre you plan to visit.

Here are some comments posted by members of forums;

In this site dedicated to Proton therapy you wouldn’t find discussions on other RT options;

The best.

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