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Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

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Q: What would cause pain in lower right side of abdomen?

A: Well are you talking about if you are running,working out, or walking for long distances at a time? If you are then you are probably getting air bubbles stuck below your ribs. Its know big deal.

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Pain in Lower Right Abdomen
Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

Take the arm that is on the side of the pain and put it over you head.

Take that hand and have it touch the back of the opposite shoulder.

Inhale as much air as possible.

Outhale as much air as possible.

If you still have that pain do the following steps a couple more time. If you arent working out and you are getting this pain, well sorry i really dont know

good luck :)

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There are various causes of pain in lower right abdomen area like constipation, bowel cancer, appendicitis, etc. Some of the common symptoms of lower right abdominal pain include vomiting, loss of appetite, blood in urine and other such symptoms.

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Is there a way to stop other's reply on this thread?

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These are very useful measures to be taken privately, until we manage to receive specialized help. These kind of pains should not determine you into thinking about the worst things that can happen. Running extra medical test can always remove all doubt. I am part of a ski austria team and I have a lot of experience with people.

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