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Bidet Toilet as a great tool

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I've read many of the posts and am surprised that I haven't seen any comments about bidet toilets as an aid to assist in keeping clean. I have one and found it such a great help both during my treatments and after. The one I have is installed right on your existing toilet. Basically, your current toilet seat is removed and the bidet is installed instead. It has an adjustment for water temperature and velocity so that it is soothing and not rough on your skin. You do have to have an electrical outlet nearby and that is a slight hassle but well worth the trouble. In retrospect I would spend any amount of money to have one. It made taking care of myself soooo much easier. I have told my doctor about this and suggested he tells other patients about it, too.

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Hello Texasgirl.... You are right about the bidet....not only does it help with cleanliness it FEELS good! My husband also installed a small hand held shower head on a longer hose that reaches from the shower to the commode....has an on/off lever on the shower head itself. All the cool (temperate) water I want! Being from Texas he calls it a "red neck bidet". Works awesomely! Lori

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Thanks for my morning chuckle.

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