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HPV and Anal Cancer

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I was lead to believe that my anal cancer was caused by HPV, however, my HPV tests have come back negative. Any explainations what may cause this kind of cancer besides HPV?
Cannot find much online?

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Smoking and I think alcohol abuse. Even though they said no for hpv for me, I think it is. I think it can go dormant, just like other diseases.. Shingles comes to mind, when I think of a disease that is a virus that can go dormant, herpes also.

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HPV can go dormant or become inactive. I know for a fact that I carry the HPV virus. However, my last HPV test was negative, due to the fact that my virus was not active at the time the test was done. HPV is linked to anal cancer in nearly all cases.

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Martha - bless you for your knowledge

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HPV is very easy to contract too - and it's not something to be ashamed of in any way, shape, or form. I believe I read that 80% of adults over 40 carry the HPV virus. Don't quote me on that figure, but I know that's it's very easy to get, and it doesn't mean you did anything wrong (or anything close to that). I was always faithful about seeing my gyn and never had any irregular pap smears or symptoms. I asked to be tested during my last gyn appointment, and like Martha the results were negative. My gyn said the same thing, that the virus could be dormant and that's why the test showed negative. Unfortunately, when I had my original biopsy done, they didn't test for HPV at that time. I wish they had - if only to contribute to the knowledge (or lack of) that we have about anal cancer.

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