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UPDATED list of ships exposed to Agent Orange

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The Veterans Administration has updated the listing. Check on the below website:


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New to this Sir: Just what does this list mean ??, I filed a claim and the ship I was on was not on the list at the time of the filing, now listed Jan. 2012, the ship appears ?? Will VA respond ? Or do I have to dig up all this info and appeal...Should I hire an attorney ? What would you recommend, I have tried to be patient and nice However, I seem to be getting nowhere !! Thank you, Mike

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With your ship now on the list via the VA. You should refile your claim for agent orange related issues. If your ship was in dock or inland, there is a good possibility that your ship may have been sprayed or in the area that was sprayed.

As far as an Attorney, have you filed your claim thru a Military Organization's Service Officer that is familiar with the required paperwork involved? They are trained by the VA to help the Veteran's with their claims at no cost to you. You might try your local Vietnam Veteran's of America and see if they have a Service Officer near you. If not, try another oraganization close to you, VFW, DAV, etc. You can look them up on-line if you google them.

Looking at the list, they would be considered brown water ships verses blue water ships.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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