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I am having a pre-chemo party!

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Joined: Jan 2012

I have certainly begun to feel better since joining this site! Your comments have been great! I start chemo next Thursday, so instead of sitting around waiting in gloom for the inevitable, my friends and I are going to have a Girl's Night In at my house and have a great time! I can't change the fact that I will have chemo until June, but I can change my attitude about it!

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What a wonderful idea! You have started out the big journey in a very uplifting way. Once chemo starts let us know how it goes.


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What a great attitude and a great idea Jobi! Best of luck to you with chemo!

Hugs, Leeza

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Love it! Love your idea and attitude. Keep it up.

Make sure you eat all you want at that party (lol). Have a blast! Drink, dance, sing!

And of course, don't forget to let us know how you do. Did you get the "how-to" advice from all the pink sisters, yet? I don't recall if you posted about what to expect and what to do, etc...If not, we're here to help answer any questions you have.

Enjoy the paaaarty! :)

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As long as you keep a positive attitude all will go well. I went to a Prince concert the night before my first chemo and had a GREAT time. Enjoy your girl night and the weekend!!!

Your chemo treatments and will and go quickly. It will all be behind you before you know it. But, for now...one day at a time...soooooo Time to PARTY!!!

Enjoy the Weekend!!!
Mitzi ;0)

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Joined: Jan 2012

A Prince concert! That beats my little ol' party anytime!

Thanks for the support!

Frankie Shannon
Posts: 457
Joined: Oct 2011

Way to go girl great attitude have fun at your party.
Hugs Frankie

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The closest I came to that good idea was getting a mowhawk because I had always wanted one.

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Joined: Jun 2011

Wish I would have thought of that. Great idea!! I plan on having a big party in August after my last herceptin.

Keep that wonderful attitude!!

Hugs, Debi

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Joined: Jun 2009

WTG! Never heard of this but what a novel and fantastic idea!

Hugs, Diane

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Joined: Oct 2010

wow great idea....have fun ...I LOVE GNO...I do once a month with friends from kindergarten..(been doing for about 4 yrs now)

Good idea...


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Great Idea... Enjoy yourself...before you know it you will be done with it... just focus on the silver lining....


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