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Endometrial Cancer??? (uterine lining is 31mm/3.1cm)

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I am 41 y/o and have one dtr. I recently had a TVUS that showed my lining to be 31mm thick. I am scared that I might have endometrial cancer. I am scheduled for a hysteroscopy, d&c and will have my last remaining ovary removed [I had one removed in 2000 due to stage IIIc Ovarian cancer]. I am hoping the pathology report will come back stating no endometrial cancer. As for my symptoms, I had cramps during my period and a heavy flow the first three days out of 5, but I have had these symptoms since I was 11 years old when I began menstruating. I have always viewed these symptoms as normal. As for my weight, I am ummm a couple pounds over weight, but I like to think it is due to a lot of muscle mass. I am of mixed heritage: Filipina, Hispanic and Native American. I had my first mammogram a few months ago and it showed that I have breast issues as well, and am scheduled to have a bilateral mastectomy in May of 2012. My BRCA test came back positive for variant of uncertain significance in the BRCA 2 gene IVS18-6G>T [basically falling under this ‘other’ category means myriad lab has not determined if the change in my BRCA2 gene is harmful or not]. Is there anyone out there with very thick uterine lining who was diagnosed with endometrial cancer? If so, can you please share with me your story or simply what your symptoms were before the diagnosis, the size of your uterine lining thickness and your age? Thanks so much!

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Hi Joanna So sorry to know that you have to start worrying again. I was dx with endometrial cancer in 11/ 2009. My symtoms was spotting and jafter a while had a biopsy. This is all I can tell you in terms of symptoms. I also had a large fibroid. Please let us know how you are doing. J

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at your age, with endometrium this thick, the odds are actually against endometrial carcinoma. More likely, you have an endometrial hyperplasia. Hyperplasias may or may not be premalignant, but they are not cancer. The other possibility is one or more benign endometrial polyps. The reason for the surgical intervention is to get a firm tissue diagnosis, because that is the only way to definitively rule out cancer, so you won't know for sure until you actually have a pathology report. But the odds are in your favor on this one.

Best regards

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I was the same for many years, bled heavy and wouldn't stop, oh yeah i had thick uterine wall, infact one of my gynos at the time said my uterous was like a ripe banana, I never thot anything of it then, but ended up with uterine cancer along with the cells escaped to my appendix. I was told there isn't really a early detection for uterine cancer, mine was found due to severe pain, no bleeding no nothing, just BAD PAIN... I had surgery, now I have no baby oven all the parts are gone. I would say dont' take anything lightly, do what you feel is best for your body, I wish I would have gotten a hesterectomy when I was in my 20's or 30's...istead I wanted to be "whole", now I have had chemo twice in 2 yrs and now in partial remission, it's been a rocky 2 and half yrs, but this is how I spent mine.
I wish you well, and good health

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Thank you all for replying. I just want to update you guys about my results. I ended up having quite a few surgeries on January 30th. My D&C and hysteroscopy turned out fine - they removed the 3.1cm uterine lining, no uterine cancer noted. I had a laproscopy that turned into open surgery and they found quite a lot of adhesion - my ovary, bowel and uterus were severely adhered together [yikes]. This might explain the pain, bowel popping sounds, gas, bloating... I was having. I received lysis of the adhesions. I also had my final ovary removed and fallopian tube [my first oophorectomy was in 2000 due to stage IIIc ovarian cancer]. The mass on left ovary was merely a lipoma - not cancerous =). Surgery was successful, and I am healing up nicely, just a bit sore and tired. I am learning how to deal with surgical menopause – going from severe ice chills to hot flashes. Putting an ice pack on my abdomen, while laying on a heating pad seems to be working fine for me. My next surgery will be in May - a double mastectomy. ~Peace

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You have been through SO much....glad you are on the road to recovery from your latest surgery....

Praying for your upcoming breast surgery....stay in touch....you are a trooper!


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