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birth control

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Did anyone have issues with birth control and synthroid? I tried it for one month and immediately had a reaction including extremely dry eyes (painfully dry), alternating with anxiety. It is so strange, and has never happened to me before - but it definitely began when I started the BC; I have since discontinued it, but still have the reaction. Thyroid levels are normal, so it is not a thyroid thing going on. My body is officially a circus since this thyroid cancer began!

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I have not had the issue with birth control, but I did get painfully dry eyes. My optomotrist put me on regenisis drops and they have done wonders. My body is also a circus! My endo keeps telling me "those symptoms are not normal and probably not related to thyroid complications"....well what the heck are they related to? I didn't have all these issues before so why do I have them now?

Good luck!

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I had dry eyes for about 6 months after my neck dissection and RAI. Its much better now. As for birth control - I went with an IUD. I had a long long chat with the doctor and she felt this was the best option for me.

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I do get the dry eyes but I am not on birth control or any type of estrogen. It happens mostly at night when I am tired and driving home from a twelve hour day. I am forty-four years old and I have a teenager. "Teenager" is a good form of birth control! But since we decided not to have any more kids, my husband was "neutered" over eleven years ago. Best birth control available.

I think circus describes most of us. My life is a three ring circus with work, family, social and personal life. But, I am slowly getting used to my new normal. This has taken over a year. Started having symptoms in December 2008. Finally diagnosed October 2009 (after exhaustively trying to convince my doctor something was wrong with my thyroid), TT in November 2009, right neck dissection June 2010, RAI August 2010, right neck dissection do-over December 2010 and second mega dose of RAI February 2011 (the last two compliments of the idiot ENT that missed the targeted nodes). By the way, I am still paying off that botched surgery when he accidentally cut my outer jugular and I almost bled to death.

Okay I am done ranting. I have had to forgive and forget and move on with life as it is. This is what I have been given, so now I accept and move forward. When life hands you lemons, make lemon-aid.


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