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blood clot from avastin

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Hi, visited onc today, all areas have responded again to chemo ( liver, lung and peritoneum ) finished chemo for a while, the oxaliplatin will not be continued because of numbness in feet, and the Avastin will be stopped because a blood clot has developed in pelvis area. We are stopping chemo for the while and see what happens. If we start back on chemo hoping there will be others we can try. Good news the hospice have discharged us!!! Its all a waiting game. Has any one experience any blood clots? Sending my love to all.

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i am told that cancer makes your blood "sticky" - I got a clot in my leg vein and have been put on blood thinners - have to get rid of the clot before I can do surgery - also told it is very common

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My husbands last scan was ned but showed a blood clot in his liver.
He will take coumadin for six months than do another scan.
Our onc said it was probably from the folfox chemo.

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After my 7th round of folfox +avastin, my ct scan showed 4 blood clots in my lungs. So Avastin dropped and I've been doing daily Fragmin (heparin) shots for over a year. Several other clots showed up in my next scan. Last March the ENT spec wouldn't do sinus surgery because of them. My onc said warfarin was not recommended for me at this time because of all its drug counterindications.
Hope things work out for you.

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