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anyone had RICE treatment

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My dad had his Dr. Appt on Monday and they changed his treatment to RICE. He starts this treatment on Tuesday. It seems like this is much more draining and involved than RCHOP. I know my dad is nervous about the hospital stay for 5 days. Has anyone had this treatment?

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I had 2 rounds of RICE before my stem cell transplant. I did not have to stay in the hospital for it though. I went 4 days in a row, 3 days of chemo and one day for neupogen shot.

I think the RICE was harder on me than the transplant honestly. I was extremely tired and could barely get out bed. I did get sick one day and they changed the nausea meds to something else. It's hard, but he can do it. Just get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids and he'll be ok.

I know this is worrisome, but it's a good regimen.

Take Care,

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My dad is on his 2nd day of RICE treatment and he will find out tomorrow if he eligibal for a stem cell transplant. I thought this was just the normal next step, but my dad told me a panel of Dr's. have to review everything and approve it. I just pray he can have the stem cell done. He will have another Rice treatment and then hopefully they will make an attempt to do the stem cell at the City of Hope.

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Hi TrustinJesus,
I will be praying for your dad that he gets well! I know that its really hard to see ones parent suffer, I had a similar experience with my mom. I hope everything turns out well for him and your whole family. Sending you a warm hug, take care of yourself sweetie!


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Hi trustinJesus,
I will keep your dad in my prayers and think good positive thoughts for him. You are such a good caring son. Let us know what the doctors decide to do. Take care of yourself too.
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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