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Another Zero

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Just went for my one year checkup today and it came back a zero (undetectable) And yes I do believe in PSA testing. After being operated on 1 year ago its nice to know at lease for now its gone. Hopefully it will stay that way.

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I wonder if the "babies" are all born in January.
How many more celebrations are we going to have.

Another glass of red wine. (I don't care. Just keep them coming)


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Congratulations, Bob, you are now an official member of the Zero Club. May you have many more zeroes. This is one test you want to get a zero.

My friend, I too believe in PSA testing. I saw my urologist 2008 for something other than prostate and thank God he also does PSA testing regularly. I cannot believe that there are people that advocate that PSA testing is not necessary. I am living proof that PSA testing is necessary. I had radical prostatectomy March 2009 and I continue to have undectable PSA tests. I give thanks to God for my good fortune.


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Happy to hear the good news ,

Many more Bob ,, and glad we boyh share the same Dr , it is always a pleasure to hear from you

continued good health


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Adding my congrats on your 1 year milestone.


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