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what has people's experience with avastin been with uterine ca?

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i recall linda saying it was a lot easier than regular chemo, so i'm hoping she was correct.


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Double Whammy
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Sorry, I can't help with the Avastin question, but it's so good to see your smiling face again. How are you doing? Are you finished with chemo? Reading between the lines, it feels like you've been having a hard time with it???


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My oncologist in IL talked about adding Avastin to the taxol/ cisplatin I was on and then continuing the Avastin as a maintainence dose. That never did happen asi responded swell to just the taxol/ cisplatin. The FL oncologist said it was not easy to get the Avastin approved for uterine cancer. I will find out Tuesday what my doctor's recommendation will be for my current lab and CAT scan findings.

Maggie I hope you have recovered from your last round of chemo, and you tolerated you IV Vit C treatments, too. Please send us an update on what's been happening. We want to be Hereford you. In peace and caring.

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It's SO good to see you here. We were all wondering how you were doing. Please keep us posted, and good luck with the new treatment.

With caring,


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Maggie, I hope that I can help you. I have been getting avastin every three weeks for stage
4B UPSC since November 2010. I'm on a clinical trial at Sloan Kettering, and will continue
with the avastin as maintenance until a recurrance. The first 6 cycles were combined with
carboplatin and ixabepilone. For me, quality of life on avastin has been excellent, but
I will discuss some of the side effects that can come up and how to deal with them.
High blood pressure - I haven't experienced this but maybe my very low sodium diet helps with this.
Nose bleeds - again, haven't had them but my gums tend to bleed if I don't keep them
scrupulously clean. Rubber tip and floss are mandatory.
Joint pain - had this regularly before I left for winter to Florida. Here, water aerobics
and a resistance pool have virtually eliminated this problem.
Diahrrea - had severe problems with this until a gastroenterologist suggested a probiotic-
Culturelle. Gastro issues are manageable now. Freshly ground flaxseed might be helping too.
Fatigue - a little the first few days, but barely noticeable.
Any more questions - just ask.

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