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Anyone Have Info./Experience With Regard to PR Receptors?

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I am just wondering if any of you have any information and have had experience in finding out on your pathology report about the levels of your Progesterone Receptors?

I have read numerous articles in the medical journals that claim this is the single most important prognostic factor besides stage and that high PR is prognostically very good.

I got my PR levels read and I have very low amounts -- "focally positive," which, I believe, amounts to weak.

Anyone out there have low PR and is a long-time survivor.

I just got diagnosed in November and am facing the years ahead with uncertainly, and the low PR levels have me worried.

I am Grade 1, Stage 2 Endometroid Adenocarcinoma, though my biopsy, unfortunately, showed a clear-cell component of some kind. I am doing 3 cycles of Carbo/Taxol and Vaginal brachytherapy as a result.

Any one with any news about or experience with PR receptors? I would like to learn more about how research translates into the experience of cancer survivors.



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