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Liver Cancer

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My brother who lives in another state has Stage IV colon cancer that has metasticized to his liver. Originally they found it in his colon, 2 lymph nodes, chest wall and 4 huge spots on his liver. On average he was given 48 months. He is past 22 months. He had 4 months of intense chemo for his liver. Got all but one spot. He took a break in Oct for a colon resection. His surgery to reconnect his colon is this Friday. Unfortunately his liver is now enlarged. And last night he had a 4 hour nose bleed and ended up in the ER. They packed his nose and did some blood tests. His liver enzymes are off. I didn't know that the clotting of blood goes through the liver. They gave him a shot of vitamin K. This is the 2nd nose bleed in two weeks. Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks for your input. Jeanette

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