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My husband's cough is getting worse and worse. He just started round two chemo with Alimta on the 6th by the 10th he was SICK with chills and fever. Took him to the doctor and without xrays or anything decided he most likely had pneumonia again and wanted to admit him. He absolutely refused and told them to give him antibiotics and let him go home. With no arguement at all they filled him up with IV fluids, anti-nausea medications, wrote 'scripts for new cough meds, new sleeping pills, and antibiotics and sent him home. Thankfully he had the good sense to stay home for the rest of the week but went back to work today. He told me that the "stuck" feeling is back when he eats certain things, the cold air makes his throat hurt, and his heart is doing skips or crazy beats. We mentioned this all to the Oncologist and was basically brushed off. In the beginning both the oncologist and the radiologist said they were going to be really agressive so they could "CURE" him and now the radiologist says he can't do anymore for him and the oncologist is starting to use the word palliative. It's frustrating. It's scary, The most honest the oncologist has been is when he wrote on my FMLA documents that I needed to be free to come and go from work as needed due to my husband needing emotional support as he has a limited prognosis and will soon be moving to hospice care. Imagine our shock when we read that!

Thanks for listening and letting me vent.

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Glenna M
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So sorry that your husband, and you, are going through all of this. I would not be comfortable with doctors who just prescribed everything under the sun without doing tests first. Have you considered getting a second opinion? His radiologist and oncologist both seem to be changing their stories too much for me, I would want another opinion.

Never give up Dawn, there is always hope and miracles do happen. Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Keep on fighting!!!

PS....come vack to vent anytime you want. That's what we are here for.

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I agree with Glenna. Prayers and hugs coming your way. Stay strong.

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