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Vile Bile = back in Hospital. UPDATE

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My home away from home.

Not the wrst thing though; they gave me another CT and my kidney stent is not placed properly. The doc this morning seemed to be surprised that I was not in some kind of extreme discomfort as a result. Another minor surgery tomorrow to fix that. Waiting another few days could have been disastrous.

Year to date I think I have still still spent more time home in 2012 than in 2011, so it is hard to say this is a bad start to the year. :smile: Maybe I can get my first chemo of the year under hospital care! Much as I am looking forward to the homecare nurses, I can't help but think the hospital oncology ward is better equipped to handle any unexpected side effects.


UPDATE 1-17-12:

Surgery postponed another day. No one pays attention when I tell them I need full anesthesia due to the edema. End result, they postponed the surgery until tomorrow (which it currently is), but did not tell me until 5:00pm. No chemo till the kidney is functioning normally, so that is off the table for a week or so.

Tomorrow is another day. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your words of hope and encouragement,


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certainly is not the best way to start the year but I'm sure in a few months things will become excellent for you !
Praying for that!

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Your ability to see the positive aspects of your situation is inspiring. I hope in the next few days, the issue will be resolved and you can start that chemo. First time chemo just might be better back in the "big house". Glad you're aren't in discomfort from the stent problem.

Sending light and prayers your way.

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dear friend i hate that this is just not going right for you.but you seem to be holding up better than i would.keep fighting the fight and keep us updated....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Until you are more stable, the hospital may be the best place to be--at least for now. It wouldn't be forever, just for now as you heal and become stronger....
Take good care Blake Buckwirth

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So sorry to hear you are back in the hospital, but glad that they know what the problem is and can fix it quickly.

Given the health issues you have had recently, I think I would ask for that first chemo to be while you are there.

While being in the 'big house' is not as good as being home, it is the place to be so you can start to get your strenght back, so just smile nicely at the nurses and let them pamper you a bit.

Wishing you much better soonest.


Marie who loves kitties

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so sorry you have to spend more time in the hospital, Blake, but it does sound like the right place to be at the moment. Sure hope they get you up and running (or at least walking) soon. Stay strong-Ann

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An acceptable compromise! ;-)

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You surehave been through your trials and tribulations lately. I'm sorry to hear that you are still having problems but glad they know what it is. Good luck with the surgery tomorrow.


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Hey, Blake, sorry about the stent stint. Hopefully it sets right this time.

"...forward to the homecare nurses" Could you help us understand the current insurance drill (one version of it anyway)? How does insurance, etc control their hours before having to pay more or 100%? Like for fixed procedures (IV, other catheter) and/or no. of 30-60 min visits per week? What provisions are there to every day visits or full time care? Thanks.

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Still navigating that maze, and it is policy specific. I get something like 100 visits a year on my current policy.

Homecare, which is driving/cleaning/cooking and s separate from home health care, seems to be completely out of pocket.

Qualified homecare aides run about $20 per hour from an agency, and $10-$15 per hour if you find an independent.

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That's what you get for telling them where to stick their stent. Mate I feel for you I had bouts of renal colic in november and december. I went to see the doc and he proceeded to tell me how painful it is. Duh. Hope your outlook improves quickly you have enough battles to fight.Cheers Ron.

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I just want to wish you some resolution that will give you your life back and echo the thoughts that you are an inspiration and provide evidence that it is possible to have a good attitude through almost anything. Lisa

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Sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital. I know that feeliing as far as starting off the year in the hospital. I ended up in the hospital on new years day of 2008 for a week due to a blood clot that formed around my portacath line. Ironically I just had another port put in on Friday. Start treatment on Wednesday for the first time in nearly 4 years.

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Tell us a story Blake. I know u have some good ones!

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Blake, I hope this will be the end of your hospital visits for a long while!


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I hope surgery went well and you're starting to feel better. I'm so sorry(angry) to hear that it wasn't done right the first time. Keep pushing to get that first chemo in the hospital. Praying everything progresses smoothly.

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Saw your update and will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow. Sure hoping everything goes as planned and you will be feeling better SOON and able to return home and become mobile again.
You have been through ENOUGH already.



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Everything seems to have been said. I just want you to know you are in my thoughts. Take care.


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Waiting for some action must be very frustrating, hope they have you feeling better soon.

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It seems incredible that the patient has to tell the med. staff what needs to be done, but then most on here have learned that you have to be your own advocate in this fight even with the best of docs.

Hoping that this latest procedure gets you back on track and you can start chemo soonest.

Wishing you better so you can get home to the gentle care of the wife and kitties.


Marie who loves kitties

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