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metastatic adenocarcinoma -small intestine from uterine cancer

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My heart has broken as I'm sure many of you have felt when dealing with cancer.
A woman that I love DEARLY has recently been told that she has metastatic adenocarcinoma.
Her plight began with colon cancer nine years ago which was successfully resected. Four years ago, she underwent a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer. Both cancers were low grade level one and no one ever expected any complications.
Over the past few months, she started to lose weight and to not feel well. After endless visits to ER, family doctor, etc. we were able to get a cat scan and a surgeon to explain what was going on. She was told that she has a tumor in the mesentry of the small intestine and that the cancer has spread but is contained currently in the small intestine. She had relief surgery performed to bypass the tumor, but since has had complications and has not begun chemotherapy as of yet.
All who love her are deeply terrified, and unsure about what to expect. I'm looking for anyone who has had a similar situation, and who could tell me about there experience, their recovery, treatment, and how they are doing not only physically but mentally as well. I'm hoping to hear that this is something that you can live with, and that the spread and effects can be stopped, although at this point the oncologist has literally only given us five minutes of his time. We are in Toronto Canada and if anyone has a referral to a doctor they have dealt with that would also be greatly appreciated. Any and all help will be accepted and cherished. I hope you all find peace and that God is with all of you.

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My daughter has a similar situation - her cancer started in the large intestine, which was removed and she completed chemo. NED. Then about 10 months later she developed an abdominal mass and they found she had peritoneal metastasis. She met with a HIPEC surgeon (this is a procedure used for appendix and peritoneal cancer where hot chemo is poured into the abdominal cavity to kill microscopic disease). She had 5 rounds of FOLFORI with Vectibex and they opened up for a look at HIPEC. Her tumors were mainly in the mesentery of the small bowel, over a hundred of them, too many to remove. They are 3 mm in size. The HIPEC only goes to 2 mm deep, so it wouldn't help. But the surgeon felt from what he saw that the chemo (FOLFIRI with Vectibex) had been killing the tumors, they showed signs of cell death. So she is back on the same chemo for 7 more treatments and to see what happens then. Hope this info helps!

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I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I truly appreciate you responding and letting me know about your daughter. If you don't mind me asking, how long ago did this all start and have they confirmed if they can cure this? I also wonder how she is coping with the treatments and how you, someone who loves her dearly, is also doing?

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i'm sorry to hear of your partners diagnosis. this is our story.
my mum first became ill last october. as other family members were also ill, we thought she had the norovirus, vomiting bug. however, over the months her symptoms did not resolve and after several misdiagnosis, a ct scan revealed a large ovarian tumour (mum had a hysterectomy 22 years ago but surgeons left one ovary as was healthy, rest of tissue had cysts) and two small obstructions in the jejunum. the medics told us the tumours were inoperable but after a meeting the surgeons decided they could operate and removed the tumours that same night. mum made a slow post-op recovery but finally was well enough to go home nearly 2 weeks later and for the first time in months, she was able to keep down food. being home lifted her spirits and her recovery came on in leaps and bounds. she was very apprehensive about chemotherapy. she'd heard the horror stories of hair falling out, vomiting, extreme lethargy but i'm happy to say she finished her first course yesterday and has felt well throughout. she also just received the results of her 2nd cat scan taken 10 weeks after surgery but just before chemotherapy started. it was really good news as they found no cancer present.
this journey is a long road and the last 3 months have been very difficult for my whole family and friends. just know there is always hope and light at the end of journey.

best wishes

Carolyns Daughter
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Hello My Name is Jennifer. My Mother was diagnosed with SBC. In May early 2012. It was alreday at stage 4. It met to her liver she has about 40 lesions on the liver. She started on folofox and FU right away. the tumor in the jijunum is about 3 cm still small but causing discomfort and blockege that makes my mom full from eating just a small amount. They do not want to discuss sugery untill they can get the liver under control. My Mom is only 62 and I am completly terified at the thought of loosing her. I to would like to know stories of hope and gain advice in good nutrion as the weight loss is a major concern now. Also I don't know much about lesions are they like tumors, 40 on the Liver sounds like alot, I'm not sure how sucsesfull Folofox is with shrinking it or killing it completlly. and feed back would be helpfull.

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