Prostrate Cancer

Hi, I had divanci robotic surgery 5 weeks ago. Just got my psa test back, came in at less than 0.1. Is that considered good, I hope... Why would it not be 0.0?


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    <0.1 may be a term for Zero</b>

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    The value of PSA =< 0.1, may be the lowest limit of the assay used at the laboratory where you did the test. Some doctors also use this term to indicate success post surgery.

    You could repeat the test requesting the laboratory to use a ultra sensitive assay with lower limits on the two decimal places (0.XX ng/ml). This is proper to follow up patients after a major treatment.
    In any case, the PSA will never get to a zero mark. The urethra also produces a very tiny portion on the 0.005 range. PSA is actually "not specific" to the prostate.

    The success threshold after surgery of my surgeon was a PSA =< 0.06, to which he calls "remission". Surely this value could be read as <0.1 if taken in an assay with such high limit readings.

    Wishing you a good recovery.