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One week left

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Hello everyone.
I have one week left of Radiation, going to be great just to stay home and relax instead of getting ready to go out everyday.
My Nueutrophils have gone down again, another blood test yesterday am hoping Oncologist will not stop Radiation again. I want this last week over with.
Radiation has not caused too many problems so far, one sore area he prescribed Flamazine. hope it works.
Hope everyone else is doing well


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I felt the same way toward the end of my treatments. I was great not to have to be at the oncologist for radiation each day at 10:00 A.M. although at first I did miss seeing the patients I became friends with at the doctor's ofice. We saw each other every day for my 6 weeks of radiation therapy.

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You go girl. It will be over soon and soon after that you will be on the road to getting better. Praying for your completion to come swiftly and effectively.

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Hope things finish up for you as expected. You are definitely due some relaxation! You hang in there. Will put you in my prayers.


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Congrats on being so close to the finish line! I hope the last week will pass quickly for you so you can get into the healing phase. One word of caution about the Flamazine, which is Silver Sulfadiazine--make sure to have all traces of it cleaned off of your skin prior to getting radiation treatments, as the metal contained in it can increase the intensity of the burning. It's good stuff, just don't have any of it on you at treatment time. I will keep you in my prayers for a smooth final week!

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