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Herceptin for ovarian cancer

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I was reading about the treatment of recurrent OVCA in The Oncologist. The article discussed the possibility of using Herceptin if the patient tested positive for the HER2 neu receptor. Apparently, 12-25% of women with ovarian cancer test positive for HER2neu receptor.

I'm wondering if anyone has had a conversation with their oncologist about Herceptin use.

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I just signed on to this site tonight. Have been taking chemo for 2 1/2 yrs. Dr. told me this week we have to change again. He is writing the insurance co. to get approval for herceptin. It is approved for breast but not ovarian. I googled it and read interesting things. All of this is getting old. Just praying the new combination of chemo will put me in remission..
If anyone out there has had Herceptin for ovarian cancer I would love to know about it.

Best wishes to you all.

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I had the conversation & was pretty much shut down on the idea of Herceptin. How can an oncologist say "forget it" before knowing whether or not the patient is HERneu2 + (or whatever the receptor is called)?

I do know that the cancer can mutate an become Herceptin resistant--as in the case of a very dear friend of mine who had stage IV breast cancer.

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Thanks for your input. My Dr. did tell me I had (think it was the HER 2 protein). So hopefully insurance will approve and it will work for me.

Have you had problems with chemobrain? I'm not crazy just have a hard time remembering things, especially what my onc. says and focusing.

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I wonder why the ovarian tumor isn't routinely tested for estrogen receptor status and HER2 status like breast cancer tumors are. I was dx. with ovarian cancer July 2010. I was in a clinical trial, GOG-252, and had IV/IP taxol and IP cisplatin along with Avastin that I continued every 3 weeks until Nov. 2011. Just before my last Avastin tx.and 3 weeks after my mammogram, I found lump in my breast - despite being on Avastin all year! My breast cancer is ER+ (99%) and HER2+++. I would bet money that if I am still able to get my tissue tested from the ovarian, it would be ER+ and HER2+. My ovarian is clear cell and I've read some research papers and trials that showed a fairly high percentage of clear cell OC is HER2+. I also test negative on the BRCA and BART analysis. It just seems like it is all so hormone driven (I also never took HRT). Sooo, I'm currently in chemo again, then will have a double masectomy, and have to continue the Herceptin every 3weeks for a total of a year. Also have to be on Arimidex pill for 5 years to continue to block any estrogen production. Apparently I have EXTREMELY dense breast tissue which makes seeing anything on a mammogram almost impossible. My tumor was 1"!! That would have been nice to know. Check out www.areyoudense.org. Some eye-opening information.

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I have stage 3 upsc cancer wihich reacts similar to ovarian. I am her-2 positive. After my orginal carbo taxol treatment I began to take herception every 3 weeks,I have had 36 treatments and remain cancer free with very few side effects. I want to know if this new wonder drug T-DM1 used in conjunction with herception has been tried on her-2 ovarian or upsc patients?

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