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Husband has DX of Lung Canes

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My husband was diagnosed with no Staging yet. He went for Brain MRI today and had a reaction to the dye whiched meant no biopsy. His lump was found in the lung during a routine xray for another matter. He is 49 and a smoker. He has 2 children from a previous marriagae. I need to know what questions should we ask. The surgon seemed to feel the tumor would be easy to remove (Jeff thought day surgory, but that can't be right, cant'

Looking forward to hearing from souls going through the same thin.

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There are so many questions you should be asking. You talked about a surgery, so I assume you have a thorasic surgeon. You said he went for a MRI and had a reaction to the die, so no biospy...I am a little confused here. You should ask your doctor for a copy of the report on the XRay. Always get a copy of you test reports to keep. Has your doctor requested a CT scan or any other test beside a MRI and Xray? You should ask the surgeon what type of surgery he plans on doing, how it is done, how long will the surgery take, how long will he be in the hospital, how long is the recovery time, if he if going to try and test some lymph nodes while he is there. Once you have some of the answered we can explain a lot to yu. There are some many wonderful and great souls here. We all have different experiences and survival stories. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Please feel free to come back anytime and here is hoping that your husband and you are a member here only for support and needing it! May God Bless You!

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Good luck. These forums and folks here are very helpful. Best of luck and god bless.

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there are so many quesions that need to be asked first.
My Mom is allergic to the dye as well so she has a hole pre-med treatment she has to do 24hrs before any dye is administered.
How about a 2nd opionion as well?

Good Luck to you and your husband!
Keep us informed, were all here for you.

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This link is for non-small cell cancer but the questions are appropriate for just about any cancer. Best wishes for you and your husband.


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