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Went to Seattle DR.Yesterday for another Opinon about Mom

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Cynthia Rose
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First of all, I would like to say thank you for your responding.All of you are correct in what you have said.Moms Dr.In Seattle the one who did the Surgery said It Is Unfortunate The Chemo Didnt work,And that it came back so fast.But she said No one Can Predict how long any one has to live.I thought it did work since her ca125 went from 588 to 48 at her last Treatment.She said it didnt get all the microscopic cells.We dont have The tissue sample to see what will work back yet.I mentioned this to the Oncologist here A month ago Only because Mary Ann told me to tell her to get one.The Dr. said,Yes that would be a good Idea!! SO ,I hope that when The results of the tissue test comes back ,we will have a better idea of what chemo will work for her.Thank You All again for caring, Im grateful Mom Feels good,You would never in a million years know she has cancer.

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I'm glad things are moving along for you - tissue assay and more encouragement!!

Does anyone have any insight into why doctors don't routinely get tissue assays? Seems to be good medicine to order these tests.

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